Fashion Seminars: From an icon to a brand

Second stage of View Master Seminars 2013 just started.

Text-Photos: FWbVK


This past Saturday Vicky Kaya welcomed distinguished connoisseurs from the PR, Advertising and Marketing sector to present their views on how icons become a brand.

Vanda Giannara (Associate Director at Civitas), Harris Davlas (Managing Director at Davlas & Partners), Elena Christopoulou (Manager at Agencia Model Agency), Kostas Chamalidis (Managing Director at Digital Minds), Katerina Moschandreou and Anna Karadimitriou from Focus Bari analyzed how a powerful and successful brand can be developed.

Based on international successful examples, they discussed how an image is built and projected using all the spectrum of cutting edge means and ways.  They emphasized the importance of the communication strategy of a brand and explained through a multitude of relevant cases how it should be differentiated, depending on the targets that have been set.

 Kostas Chamalidis, Vicky Kaya, Haris Davlas, Anna Karadimitriou and Vanda Giannara

In this context, they described the importance of social media in molding a well-rounded brand nowadays, how crucial is their right management and how essential they are as a new, interactive and more effective marketing research mechanism, offering a direct feed back and capability for intervention and reorientation.

A lot of emphasis was given on the role of aesthetics – innovative aesthetics being at the basis of it all – and of course ethics and moral principles in the world of branding. All speakers concluded that it takes a lot of work, a great managing team, research, honesty and also a great deal of luck to build a standing out and lasting brand.

See you all next Saturday to learn more about cool hunting and the life cycle of fashion.

Kostas Chamalidis, Haris Davlas, Elena Christopoulou, Vicky Kaya, Vanda Giannara, Anna Karadimitriou and Katerina Moschandreou

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