PFW: Nina Ricci & Rick Owens

Text: Eirini Nikolaou



Peter Copping designed one more beautiful collection for Nina Ricci. Inspired from the ballet dancers and their life besides dancing, he put through a classy and kind of sexy collection. Ivory, nude, red and of course the old time classic black and white ruled the clothes. The whole ballet-theme was more interesting, as there was a pianist playing live music on the runway. Copping knows how to make a woman feel erotic. Flaired skirts, bias-cut dresses from the 30s and low back blouses underlined the collection’s eroticism.





In one of his most successful fashion shows, Rick Owens used his three most signature pieces; the coat, the big boots and the ovrsized t-shirts. Being influenced by the Japanese culture, he reached his creativity in another level. Owen’s theme was “Battle-scarred heroism”. In most of his designs the superior colors were black and white, but the details, such as big-sleeved volume of kimonos and the needle heels, instead of Frankenstein-soled chunk on boots, made the collection unique. Furthermore, the clothes had a very comfy/everyday but at the same time fashionable line, that amazed the fans who fell in love with the collection.


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