Profile In Style: Camille Charriere

Somewhere between Britain and France!

Text: Mariannie Samara


She is a girl next door that managed to stand out in the crowded world of blogs and street style. Her fashion sense carries within the simplicity and elegance of French style, along with the boldness of British style. That’s because Camille grew up in France but her mother is British. “I really feel bi-cultural now”, she says.

“My style is quintessentially French in that I do like to keep things simple, (…) my style is more British in that I am always keen on trying out edgy/crazy trends and have fun with the way I look”.

Camille gave up law, in order to work in fashion. Today she is a freelance fashion journalist and a blogger. Her blog, “Camille Over the Rainbow” represents herself and her sense of style. And we can see that she is really committed to it.

Her outfits seem so effortless and laid back, but at the same time there is something so fresh and fashion forward to them. “I can’t afford designer pieces, and I am very much a highstreet queen (…) but I do think that investing in a couple of expensive pieces really goes a long way. You just have to be very sure when you pick”, she explains.


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