Guilty is the New Black

The new perfume by Gucci is darker, edgier and more passionate than ever

Text: Maria Ioanna Dagari



Following the awarded perfumes “Gucci Guilty” and “Gucci Guilty Intense”, the new “Gucci Guilty Black” is finally launched with a provocative campaign starring Evan Rachel Wood and Chris Evans.

The two stars unfold the story of “Gucci Guilty Black” with the help of the director of the campaign, Frank Miller, who chooses to film the advertisement in the legendary Cinecittà Studios, home of italian cinema. “I treat my work in film like comic book sketches”, he states, which is really obvious in the final result.

The modern design of the new packaging consists of red (for the female fragrance) and green colored glass (for the male), which, as Gucci’s Creative Director Frida Giannini says, were added as a tribute to the timeless Gucci web stripe.

Finally, the combination of Giannini’s trademark sensuality and Miller’s film noir makes “Gucci Guilty Black” the new “it” perfume, for both men and women.