Text: Mary Giatra


You know what? It is officially Spring tomorrow! This is why you should go out and have some fun. Theater, art and music are there for you. Enjoy!



Two young Greek artists, Anestis Azas and Prodromos Tsinikoris along with the distinguished German dramatist, Jens Hillje, take Greek immigrants in Germany from the nineteen sixties as their ‘living material’ in the unique spectacle they have prepared for the Onassis Cultural Center.

An on-stage production/documentary is taking place on the Upper Stage and the protagonists in this ‘theatre of the real’ are not actors but the Greeks of Germany themselves. As modern-day Ulysses, they tell their stories to the audience, either live on stage or in recorded audio-visual material.  A unique performance that you shouldn’t miss.


Onassis Cultural Center: 27 February – 10 March 2013




Badminton theater hosts a show for all the family that narrates the famous story of the Greek hero Theseus. A very exciting plot, a very good script and a great production that you shouldn’t miss. The greek mythology is full of interesting stories and glorious heroes and in this case, Theseus travels to Crete for the King Minus. There he falls in love with the beautiful Ariadne and defeats Minotaur in a great adventure. Humorous and adventurous, this is all in all a great show to watch.

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The beloved singer loves Athens and he shows it every time he has the chance to. His new album with the Bad Seeds, called “Push the Sky Away”, has just come out and it contains a 7-inch single as a bonus track, called “Needle Boy”.  The single’s b-side, has a song called Lightning Bolts in which Nick Cave, lost in the corridors of a hotels room, discuses with Zeus. Then the moving lyric goes saying: “Athens, all the youths are crying from the masks.” It is really touching to listen to celebrated artists support Greece’s troubled times.



The Benaki Museum, in order to present and promote artists from the fields of applied arts and design, is hosting an exhibition called Material Quests. As a part of the greater exhibition, “P.138 – Routes” presents groupings of jewelry and objects and the starting point of this exhibition is a detail of some imaginary and transparent microcosm, which Akis Goumas has put together on the basis of elements, observations and drawings gathered during this quest, using both traditional techniques and contemporary perception.

At Benaki Museum until March 24th

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