My little princess

“You are amazing just the way you are”

Having accepted the honorary title of ambassador of “Make a Wish” Hellas, I had the chance to talk a lot with the organization team. Months ago, they told me that Diana, a girl in treatment, would like to have her wish come true: be a model, pose and participate in a photo shooting. Being skeptical at first, I finally agreed because I knew that Diana’s wish was above all. Workshopaholics agreed to do the styling and production preparation, Genevieve Majari would do the pictures, Diana’s parents wanted full media coverage to exemplify the message: life is beautiful no matter the difficulties. They wanted to celebrate the good news: Diana is healthy, has overcome the challenges of a severe illness. So, walking the catwalk was just a game, an innocent child’s game. And it was fantastic!

Glowing, happy, beautiful, never stopped smiling, talking to everybody. An ideal game for a little girl: being pampered, being the center of notice, being able to say: “I am here”. After the shooting, she enjoyed her favorite meal: chicken and one potatoes.

It was a life changing experience for me and FWBVK students. We had the privilege to be witnesses of real strength, real willingness, real beauty. I am honored to be ambassador of “Make a Wish” and I make a commitment and a promise: I will be there to spread the word, to never let the children feel desperate even when difficulties hide the sun.

P.S. Diana, as I told you yesterday, we will be best friends for ever.

Vicky Kaya