Eurosong 2013 – Backstage Memories

We, the Fashion Workshopaholics, had the chance to take part in the preparations of the Eurovision’s Greek finals -and that was certainly a night to remember!

Text: Danae Terzakou
Photos: Spyros Xylas

Workshopaholics Sophia Deftereou, Jenny Siriak and Maria Ioanna Dagari

Eurovision contest is an established and much loved song annual event and we were extremely happy to hear that this year we were going to be a part of it.
Being backstage at this event was an extraordinary experience. Fashion Workshop’s journalists and stylists, we all know well that a really important way of learning our job is participating in these kinds of events.
The day consisted of complete craze, fast paces and a lot of pressure, but this is what we love about live events, isn’t it?

Choreographer Fokas Evangelinos

After entering the venue and climbing down the stairs behind the main stage, we arrived at the place where the real magic was about to take place. Make-up artists, hair stylists and all kinds of professionals were working hard to achieve the best final result, which was indeed worth all the fuzz. Bringing out the inner beauty of the participants was not a hard job, as everybody was highly cooperative.

Preparation frenzy

Despina Vandi and Kostas Martakis during rehearsals

Apart from the exhaustion, we had a lot of fun and -the most important- we earned some priceless experience. All in all, it was a successful project, which we are going to remember for a really long time.

George Kapoutzidis, Despina Olympiou and Despina Vandi dressed exclusively in Celia Kritharioti Haute Couture

Eleftheria Eleftheriou

Aggeliki Iliadi

Vicky Leandros

Eleonora Meleti

Mary Sinatsaki with Mironas Stratis

Katerina Kainouriou

Alex Kavdas and Elianna Chrysikopoulou