Fall in love with Lancôme

This spring, Lancôme’s new «Ιn love» series will make you realize that love at first sight is actually possible!

Text: Maria Meintani


Still having Emma Watson as their campaigns’ face, as she is believed to embody the brand’s modern romanticism better than anyone else, Lancôme presents the new collection of lipsticks and nail polishes that will keep us up-to-date during spring, thanks to their fashionable approach!


Rouge in love

The new lip colours of the brand are more than simple lipsticks. Their new, improved formula allows the colour to melt and infiltrate into your lips, giving an excellent, stable result. The texture of this lipstick is soft as a balm, with hydrating ingredients that keep your lips moisturized up to 6 hours! Shining like a mirror, they are designed to reflect the light from every angle,giving your lips a dazzling shine!
Coming in 24 different shades, divided in three categories, depending on your mood alternations throughout the day, Rouge in love is an actual wardrobe for your lips.


Jolis matins

Pure and natural shades with a hint of a pearl-toned shine, the perfect choice to kick-off the day in a low-toned but sensual way.

Lancôme’s Tip: To veil the lips in a light, sheer shade, pout as if you were blowing a kiss and simply dab in Rouge in Love with your fingertips. An ultra-simple, bee-stung effect!

Boudoir time

Afternoon is here and is the perfect time to meet with some friends and catch up on their news. These chic shades are a beautiful choice for your cozy evening.

Lancôme’s tip: Feel free to blend shades to create your own colour. For example, for a fresh and glowing result, combine «Rose Boudoir» with «Violette Coquette» and set it off with a touch of «Rose Τhé». An instant healthy glow!


Tonight is my night

So, the night is finally here! Bold and intense shades will make your lips look irresistible and ready to be kissed, giving you a seductive look that won’t go unnoticed! Go ahead girl! The night is young!

Lancôme’s tip: Play with contrasts by placing a lighter touch in the centre of the lips: They will look even plumper. For a more sophisticated effect, an extremely elaborate look and intense colour, apply it with a brush, starting at the corners. Insolently sexy…


Vernis in love

A flawless look requires a perfectly done manicure in order to be complete. The new “Vernis in love” are a real must-have, as they will add the finishing touch to your appearance!

What makes these nail polishes unique is their patented brush. Ηaving a grooved stem that allows the colour to flow directly to the centre of the brush, while being elongated and rounded with extremely supple, flat bristles, this brush allows the varnish to be applied in just a single stroke! «10 fingers, 10 strokes!» Sounds amazing, doesn’t it?
Furthermore, the micro-mirrors of the polishes will give your nails an extremely shiny result.

Another special fact about these polishes is that they come in 24 different shades, giving you the opportunity to divide them into 12 matching duos, creating a twisted French manicure with each one of them! How smart is this?

For all the fashionistas out there, Lancôme has two suggestions to make:
-The «French Love Manicure»: one shade over the whole nail with the other applied as side-border, like a delicate colour-tinted reflection
-The «Love Rose Manicure»: one main shade over the whole nail and a second applied along the outer edges to resemble petal leaves which delicately thin towards the top of the nail.

Just like the “Rouge in love”, “Vernis in love” are also divided into the same three categories (Jolis Matins, Boudoir time and Tonight is my night) adding the ultimate touch to each moment of your day!