Fashion Seminars: All about men

View Master Seminars 2013 introduced us to the unknown world of Men’s Fashion.

Text: Yiota Dendrinou


Men’s Fashion & Style was the fifth and last seminar, which completed the first cycle of a unique journey. Last Saturday we got a glimpse of how the men’s fashion industry works, what the trends are, how it is branded and discussed many other interesting things.

From left to right: Vassilis Karidis, Nikos Krithariotis, Ilias Petrakis, Sotiris Georgiou and Nicholas Georgiou.


Nicholas Georgiou was there to give us the whole picture and explain how men’s fashion has evolved. Along with him were four guest speakers, that are also involved actively in men’s fashion industry. Vassilis Karidis, photographer and Dapper Dan’s Co-Founder, Nikos Krithariotis, fashion designer of 5226 Men’s wear line, Sotiris Georgiou, fashion designer and top model Ilias Petrakis created the perfect “team” for this seminar.

The “team” of the seminar

The conversation started with a flashback in the 18th century and, more specifically, at the time after the French Revolution, where, as we were informed by Nicholas Georgiou, trousers for men were shaped in the way we know them today. Turning points of men’s fashion were analyzed, until we reached 21st century, economic recession and how it affected men’s fashion industry turn to individualism.

The Men collection of Sotiris Georgiou

Then, Sotiris Georgiou explained his vision about the brand image he wanted for his company and how Greek traditional costume inspired him in his designs. The same way, Nikos Krithariotis said that the image he wanted to project for 5226 was the “effortless luxury’ and that he wants to dress the man who all women will want to marry.

5226 by Nikos Krithariotis Collection


Moreover, we were introduced to Dapper Dan’s philosophy by Vassilis Karidis and Nicholas Georgiou, a magazine that is being sold worldwide. With a presentation, we got to know how the mood, casting and final story are being picked. Plus, we were lucky to have “a private look” in an unpublished editorial of the new issue that will be out in March!

From Dapper Dan magazine

Last but not least, model Ilias Petrakis shared with us his career paths in Milan, let us have a better look in his book and explained what clients need when they hire a model. Also, he told us that he is getting prepared for a new adventure in America soon.

Ilias Petrakis in Messagerie Campaign

What a better way to close up the first cycle of seminars! Don’t you agree?


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