MFW: Versace & Sportmax

Text: Katerina Gkoumopoulou & Danae Terzakou




A.k.a Donatella Versace’s unique way to express rock chic. Drawing inspiration from the late 70s, she pulled out a collection consisted of fine cuts and ultra feminine silhouettes with a touch of punk glam. To describe it one word: Vinyl! Even herself was wearing vinyl jeans -she said they make her feel sexy. It was a bit over the top, but using her craftsmanship she made it work, by combining the luxe of cashmere or the fabulous furs. Military-like coats paired with a pelmet skirt; a sheath of pure white crepe embellished by a strip of lethal nails. It was a bit fetishist, for there was a great amount of earrings and chokers and bracelets full of spikes and nails and bolts. The palette that dominates the entire collection was mostly black, yellow, red and white. Well, one thing is for sure: every dynamic female can relate to this collection and would desire these clothes for her wardrobe.

Photos: Filippo Fior/ InDigital I GoRunway




SPORTMAX: Coats, Coats and Coats!


Stunning outwear led out the way throughout the collection. Coats –boxy wannabe- made from luxurious astrakhan with suede embellishments, jackets from black lapels with geometrical patterns, in marled tweed, in skin tone fur -all followed by the same cut. Dresses are extremely chic, with A-line cuts, black leather details, some pleated and others with slits. A silhouette that can easily be described as “old lady-like” though, but the Sportmax crew managed to keep the look fresh, young and a bit edgy. Carrot-shaped pants combined with pointy stilettos and a crossed-body messenger bag. Most of the time, the pants were paired with fuzzy knits. Fabulous angora sweaters from fine materials in black and white, or black and blue patterns. The palette was mostly dark with an emphasis on black, blue and camillo. Simple, feminine and very chic!

Photo: Yannis Vlamos/ InDigital I GoRunway