MFW: Prada

Text: Irene Gkoufa


Miuccia Prada’s Fall 2013 is a tribute to the past and to things that Prada and her fans love. Prada likes fur, and there was fur. The new line has the belted waists and the oversized bags, the high platforms and the overcoats. The girls walked down the runway with wet hair wearing their dresses, whether cut from wool or brightly coloured with vivid tones.

Prada also loves interesting skirts, as she said in the Met’s Impossible Conversations Exhibit, so the skirts were decorated with sparkly flowers or finished with asymmetrical patterns. What we liked the most were the oversized coats in beautiful colours such as classic black, grey or gold. We’ re definitely talking about a collection with strength and power. Every season we have expectations from Prada but she never disappoints us.

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