MFW: Fendi

Text: Irene Goufa


“Fur is Fendi, Fendi is fur”, said the reviewers after the closure of the show. This must be the season of fur. In Fendi’s show, we saw many furs in different and beautiful colours and patterns, neon and striped, covering whole looks but totally perfect with them in total. The girls came out with long French plaits, the punk spirit that we saw in London is in Milan too. The color palette of the show varied from neon shades and orange to pink and magenta, taking us back to 80s. Graphic motifs and some referencing athletic uniforms continued in the big white outlines on jackets and coats. A nice touch also was the cashmere on one side and mink on the other. The navy shirt jackets one cashmere, one leather over white car-wash skirts, was a nice look. There was an Aztec feeling and influence too, and silhouettes were sleek and linear.

Finally, Silvia Fendi worked her own magic with the bags, showing countless inventive versions of those hand-crafted Selleria beauties.

photos via, wwd