Mr. F_Man: The Bomber Jacket

A closer look at the new trend for Spring/Summer 2013

 Text: Pavlos Satsidis


The bomber jacket (or else the flight jacket or the bombardier jacket) is basically a jacket created for pilots to keep them warm during World War I. During World War II, Leslie Irvin designed and manufactured the classic sheepskin flying jacket, which became extremely popular in the United Kingdom. As the years went by, many designers adopted the shape of that jacket and transformed it into something wearable by ordinary people.

Nowadays, the bomber jacket is a must-have piece of cloth and everyone should have one in their closets. You can find it in many shapes and colours. Through the years, we have seen bomber jackets with closure zippers, wraparound collars and some line with fur.

For the upcoming season, designers suggest multicolor bomber jackets with floral patters or shiny colors. If you are daring, you will choose one of them. If you are not, you will play ‘the bomber jacket’ game safely, by choosing a black or brown one, made of leather or nylon. The new trend is here and it’s already making every fashionista in the world running to the stores. Get you own, NOW.

Neil Barret


Gucci, Dries Van Noten


Dior Homme catwalk and bomber jacket

Diesel Black Gold

Burberry Prorsum

Alexander McQueen bomber jacket