LFW: Tom Ford

Surprise! Tom Ford strikes again

Text: Mariannie Samara


His label for the collection is “Cross Cultural Multi Ethnic” and we wouldn’t be able to describe it in a better way. It was a blast of colour and fun. The entire collection was impressive and pompous, but there were some pieces that really stand out. Japanese kimonos with a more cutting edge twist, bomber jackets in bright fuchsia, thigh-high armour-like boots, power suits in golden shades, modern ponchos and sheer long dresses with dynamic stamps.

Ford’s influences came from different cultures of the world -from east to west- and from different chronological periods in art. We saw Pop and Op art inspirations along with ethnic floral embroidery and tribal patterns. Disco and glamour were also there to complete this cultural crossing. Flower motifs, zebra patterns, luxurious lace and flaired fringes were mixed in the most successful and remarkable way. It seems that for next season Tom Ford opted for maximalism, joy and optimism.


photos via style.com