The Stylegraphist: Royalty & Sparkles

Text_Illustrations: Billy Hazel

I love the Versailles Palace. I’ve been there once and I was just stunned! This was a real palace with gold chandeliers, huge halls and rooms. You couldn’t help but feeling like a king or a queen.


Inspired by that magnificent place, I pretended to be the king. Combined the royal -as I call them- colors: dark blue, black and gold details, of course. Remembering the portraits, men used to wear voluminous jackets so I decided to give my coat some volume with adding a belt in the waist.

The Versailles Palace is a monument of the Rococo aesthetic. Statement necklaces, flowers, colors and maximalism is rococo translated in the fashion language. A flower embellished collar with colorful rhinestones combined with a monochromatic necklace and red heels. Well the athletic socks are something like Sofia Coppola’s lilac all star sneakers interference in the movie Marie Antoinette.


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