LFW: Erdem & Preen

London Fashion week continues to impress us with the Erdem and Preen fashion shows

Text: Konstantina Livaditi



Erdem Moralioglu was always a fan of colors, though he has always been scared of the dark shades, as far as his work was concerned.

In this show, it seems that he crossed his limits and made an entire collection based on black. Transparent fabrics, lace, sequins and ostrich feathers were some of the clothing elements, combined with different textures, matte and shiny. A black tweed shift with a black tulle underskirt started the show, accompanied by pointy flat ankleboots. As the show continued, hints of colors appeared on a black canvas, with the form of charming flowers, some of them accompanied by feminine polka dots.

Dresses following the body line, lengths reaching from the knees to the ankles and sensual details of transparencies are the basic features of Erdem’s proposal.




A punk energy hidden into luxe, dressed-up clothes; that’s the main uttering of Preen collection for Fall 2013. Having as main characteristics biker-jacket shapes, zippers and studs, all mixed in a color pallet ranging from black and white to red, the Preen designers, Justin Thornton and Thea Bregazzi, tried to inject a dark grubby energy, by using punk symbols. Dresses paneled with one fabric at the front and a different at the back, as well as double-hemlined skirts, were some of the pieces in the beginning the show. Later on, the baton was given to slim skirts matched with mohair sweaters, flimsy textures and floral patterns embellished with jewels, which they made a special finale.