Meeting with Tradition

One of the oldest craft and commercial enterprises in Greece, in the field of processing yarns and manufacturing passementerie pieces, Mentis donation, opens its doors to workshopaholics.

Text: Konstantina Livaditi

Photos: Sofia Deftereou, FWbVK


Mentis donation, which is part of Benakis museum, is a unique place, where time seems to stop.  Old looms, fibres and yarns in countless colours, set the scene of a living workshop/museum, which tries to preserve an extinct art.

Workshopaholics had the luck to attend a private tour, in which Mr. Mentis and the employees of the workshop introduced the history of the industry and guided us through the paths of an amazing, traditional art. During the tour, we learned how silk turns into threads, how each loom works and all the important collaborations of the workshop, some of them with local and foreign fashion designers.

For over one-and-a-half centuries, the products of MENTIS Ltd. decorated Greek traditional costumes, theatrical costumes, clerical vestments and military uniforms, and creations of well-known couturiers in Greece and abroad. Galloons, ornamental cords, piping, braids, fringes, tassels, brandebourg frogging and curtain tiebacks are some of the masterpieces that the workshop creates.

The goal of this place is to offer visitors an opportunity to learn how a historical workshop functioned; to see every step involved in silk processing and the crafting of masterpieces out of thread, for which the company was renowned.


Mentis Donation: 6 Polyfemoust, Athens