LFW: Peter Pilotto & Antonio Berardi

Text: Irene Gkoufa



For this new collection for Fall 2013, Peter Pilotto were inspired by the 16th century and, specifically, by painter El Greco and his intricate patterns. Peter Pilotto and Christopher De Vos also went for a colourful palette and as a result, we saw bright colours like red, yellow, and blue with hints of pink and teal. The very first look was a matador red jacket with pattern,s paired with a geometric wrap skirt in red, black and white. New shapes of printed puffer jackets and pencil dresses were introduced. We definitely liked the long-sleeved dresses, whereas the different panels of patterns provided the entire body with the contour needed. The most beautiful look of the show was the outwear, like the cropped coats with prints.

It is definitely a collection for an avant garde woman, but not over-the-top.


photos via style.com





The show’s location, on the top floor of a modern London office block with views across the city, formed a fitting backdrop for this architectural collection. One of the season’s icons, the cape, played a great part of his elegant and dynamic collection. Berardi’s signature pieces for this fall are the dresses. They were patch worked from curved panels of fabrics and mixed colours, such as black with grey with some printed parts. What captured our attention, is the perfect and elegant red dress, suitable for every woman. Berardi also showed some long structured suit jackets full of volume. As the reviews said: “As ever with Berardi, it was a celebration of the female form via long-line blazers, those folding tabbards that rolled down the body and short little kilt skirts”.

photos via vogue.uk