LFW: Marios Schwab & Topshop Unique

Text_Collages: Xanthippe Partsakoulaki



It’s London Fashion Week! Hooray! Last Sunday Marios Schwab presented his collection for Fall 2013. Mystery and romanticism was in the air. Burgundy, white, grey and shades of pastel colours with black details gave life on the garments. Wide-brimmed inspired hats and sharp slits on long skirts. What’s very interesting is the transpared long capes detailed with embroidered flowers, that gave the illussion of the lace effect. The shoes were high or mid-length gladiator inspired, made of velvet and snake skins. The show ended with a range of seductive, body concious and etherial night dresses.



At the 18th of this month, Tate Modern hosted the fashion show of Topshop Unique for next fall. The show was live streamed and the brand had partnered with +google for that matter. Some of the models were holding cameras and were capturing the audience while on the runay, which was something unusual and quite exciting. The soundtrack of the show took its audience to a “nineties nostalgia”, while the young British supermodel Cara Delevingne opened the show, with a total black outfit with some sparkling red details on the skirt and the shoes. The show continued under the same vibes, with black and red as the basic palette combined with grey and blue. A few minutes later some pastels poped-out. White and beige, powder blue and dusty pink were everywhere. Loose cuts and furry coats. Clothes for an effortless feminine and modern woman. Creative Director, Kate Phelan, said about the collection: “Think urban, think modern, think covetable to the extreme”.

photos via style.com