Fashion Seminars: In Action!

In this seminar a fashion story came into life! It was all about imagination, fun and creativity!

Text: Mariannie Samara
Photos: Spyros Xylas

This was the second part of “Realizing a fashion story” seminars, organized by Fashion Workshop by Vicky Kaya, and it was such an amazing experience. After being introduced to the concept and the story at the previous seminar, the participants were able to be part of a real fashion photoshoot!

Stylist and FWbVK teacher, Nicholas Georgiou


We have to mention that organizing a fashion editorial is not only picking and matching wonderful clothes. It is all about concept and research. This is the only way to achieve a truly artistic result. It is when fashion meets art. It is when an image creates emotions. It is when the mind travels.

During the seminar: The participants with Nicholas Georgiou


The attendants of the seminar had the chance to experience the whole procedure. From hair, make up and dressing the model, to various poses and backgrounds and finally to the shooting itself. They had also prepared extraordinary headpieces –all made by themselves- that matched perfectly with the breathtaking outfits that, fashion editor and teacher at FWBVK, Nicholas Georgiou along with junior editors Elena Papastavrou and Elena Psalti had compiled for the photoshoot. Hair and make-up created by hair stylist Vassilis Stratigos and make-up artist Eva Dimoveli, were edgy and extreme, and took the looks to the next level. Genevieve Majari, photographer and teacher at FWBVK, was there to capture the whole essence of this fashion story with her camera. The model, Valisia Odell, embodied the whole concept.

Make up artist Eva Dimoveli doing the make up


The four looks had many references -from the past, the present and the future, and from different cultures- but they all served the main concept of the fashion story. Outfits inspiring, eccentric and above all, unique.

Good vibes filled the studio. Everyone was excited and willing to help at any step. All contributed in order to produce the highest of results. It is true that each and everyone had a great time!

Once again a big thank you to Lipton, Fresh and Essie for the great support!!!

Get a glimpse of backstage.

The accessories of the photoshoot

Accessorizing the model

During the shooting, with photographer Genevieve Manjari and Vicky Kaya


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