Yatzer at FWBVK

He is the founder and creative director of yatzer.com. An inherently polite and outgoing person. Recently, he found out that “yatzer” in Jewish means both desire and creativity! What a great coincidence, as yatzer comes from his surname.

So, mr. (Vo)yatzer was a guest lecturer at FWBVK and made our day. A laugh that you never forget, a five star smile and a success story to inspire. Here are some Yatzer’s quotes:

 I couldn’t live without my work.

It completes me.

I don’t have an answer when they ask me what I do for a living. I feel more as a curator of beautiful projects, posted on my site.

I cultivate world’s aesthetics. One of my greatest dreams is to upgrade art
and design aesthetics in Greece.

Difficult situations, such as an economic crisis, makes you think
in a different, more creative way.

 If someone copies your work, means that you have done something right.


Adriana Paraskevopoulou