Into my closet: Top coats!

Photos: Vicky Kaya, Spyros Xylas

On my way to work today, I was thinking about how to shoot my coats for Vicky’s notes. And there she was in her full Glory: our student Xanthippe, who studies styling at FWBVK!
She doesn’t really like to model…but that’s all we make her do around here! When we need a model ASAP, she’s always the perfect idea!
Her flawless complexion, her beautiful blue eyes, her cherry colored lips and her great style captivate us all.
I thought that my favorite coats would look great on her! So I grabbed my camera once again and with Spyros’s help we managed to have a LOT of fun!

The team: Panio, Xanthippe, Spyros and me

A girl needs to have a few coats at hand. Classic lines and some colors are always recommended. There used to be a time when you had to wear a different coat with every outfit -but not anymore!
Make sure you have a black warm mid-lenght coat for winter and if you can, why not a beige one!
Mid length coats are always a good solution for every woman’s type. Maxi coats are dramatic and cool but you need to be really tall to look good in them!


Enjoy the rest of the winter ladies!



 Vintage black fur coat, Yves-Saint Laurent


Black wool classic montgomery, Burberry



Red wool coat with white collar and brown taffeta bow, 5226 by Celia Kritharioti


Black patent leather trenchcoat, Burberry



Leopard print fur coat, Maje


Navy blue cape-trench, Maison Martin Margiela 



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