Vanessa Paradis is conscious…H&M Conscious!

With her ethereal beauty and naturally striking features, the french singer and actress is the perfect embodiment of the H&M Conscious spirit.

Text: Kelly Desipri

This spring get ready for a different, trendy yet sustainable collection by H&M! The brand is well known, not only for its fashionable, affordable clothing, but also for its long term commitment to introduce sustainability into the fashion world.

A yellow flowing dress, khaki pants, an embroidered military jacket, white sandals, jungle print pants, they’re all a part of the H&M Conscious collection. Each and every piece is made from organic cotton, recycled polyester and Tencel. But this little star is not for girls only. There’s also a men’s line, full smart jackets and chinos with ethnic patterns -and children and babies couldn’t be left out either.

Vanessa Paradis claims that, besides loving the H&M Conscious collection, she also loves second hand and vintage clothes that give her wardrobe a unique and sustainable character. The collection will be available in H&M stores and eshops worldwide on March 28th, and everyone’s holding their breaths.
At the same time, the company launches its Η&Μ Conscious garment collecting action, which means that you can gather clothes that you no longer need and take them to any H&M store. In return you’ll receive a ticket that you can then use for your next purchase! How great is that? I can’t wait to get my hands on them.