Fashion Seminars: And the beat goes on!

What better way to spend a Saturday afternoon, than turning your love for
fashion into a real-life project?


Text_photos: Mary Giatra

This Saturday was the 3rd stage of the Fashion Seminars organized by Fashion
Workshop by Vicky Kaya and the title “Realizing A Fashion Story”, says it all. Have you ever wondered what lies beneath the glossy covers and editorials of the world’s best fashion magazines?

There is so much going on before the photographer’s final “click” and that was what all the participants had the chance to discover. Genevieve Majari, the photographer and teacher of FWbVK was there, and along with Hair Stylist Vassilis Stratigos and Make-up Artist Eva Dimoveli, they shared their wisdom with the “demanding” crowd. By their side were two FWbVK graduates, in order to talk about their part of the story and what being a Junior Fashion Editor and a young professional has taught them.

Genevieve Majari with her former students and current co-speakers Elena
Papastavrou and Elena Psalti.

But which is the exact procedure you have to follow in order to realize a fashion story? It all starts with a simple idea but to build a solid and powerful concept, you have to follow the basic steps, you have to create a story. Do your research, learn the whole history, find the mood and finally create the image. And this is what happened.

To be ready for next week’s real fashion photo-shoot, the participants were introduced to the scenario. Countless images from the past century, 1920s hair and make-up ideas, extravagant headpieces, legendary personalities and today’s fashion designs passed before the viewers’ eyes, to make the image more vivid and personal. But is this enough?

The Speakers, from left to right: Genevieve Majari, Vassilis Stratigos, Eva Dimoveli, Elena Psalti and Elena Papastavrou.

Shooting a fashion story is not just about the right look. Passion and love are two words that cannot be separated from the process. Ethics are very important as well and what everybody learned yesterday, is that in order to make it in the Fashion Business, you have to be a good team-player.

Next Saturday, February 16th, Nicholas Georgiou, Genevieve Majari and all the participants in the seminar, will become a team and create four different looks for an amazing Fashion Workshop Story.

Stay tuned for backstage photos of their journey…