Links of London Introduces New Campaign

Text: Xanthippe Partsakoulaki

Links of London’s new campaign couldn’t be more elegant. The inspiration from the pre-raphaelite period and English portraits of that time. It has also the originality of the brand and the English eccentricity, as well. Animals and flowers are mainly depicted on the jewelry. With a highly creative and poetic way, this new campaign is divided in six categories.

1. Effervescence – Of Light and Celebration: This collection is all about freshness, vitality and flowers, such as lilac and mimosa.

2. Infinite Love – Of Pride and Passion: Directly connected with passion and femininity. What makes special this part of the collection, apart from its theme, is the colours that have been used and its white, yellow, pink gold decorated with gemstones and topaz.

3. Friendship – Of Love and Trust: It’s all about friendship and symbolises generosity, kindness and love. Perfectly to be shared with your best friends.

4. Sweetie – Of Innocence and Promises: The frog is inspired from the fairytales and intends to give a deeper message, like encouragement for those who are looking for true love. This collection is pure and sweet and it embraces the spirit and the essence of childhood.

5. Noble Classic – Of Courage and Honour: Timeless and elegant, it is focused  on men, the noble men. The ones that are vivid, energetic and fond of sports.

6. Chicane – Of Steel and Speed: Links Of London introduce a collection that is inspired from the aesthetics of vintage racing. A man who likes speed and looks for a watch with good quality.


The collection was photographed from Jean-François Campos and styled by Charles Varenne. Hair & make up: Valentin and Georgia Graham. Models: Codie Young and Steven Chevrin.