Armani Privé Front Row

Celebrities love Senior Armani, and he loves them back

Text: Danae Terzakou


Mr. Armani really knows how to pull through a great show. This collection, he said, would display “an echo of different cultures. As if you were touring the world and taking different references from different cultures and you obviously make them more for today’s world”. And an echo it was. Looks extremely full of intensity along with shiny fabrics, a tribal-meets-geometry pattern and a rather moody palette apart from the dazzling poppy red. And above those things, a long, peculiar runway –a bit confusing though. No wonder why the celebrities adore him so much. We spot Hilary Swank sitting on the front row next to Tarantino’s favorite Uma Thurman and the fabulous Roberta Armani. Britain’s “It Girl” Mary Charteris was speckled, having a little chat with Amber Le Bon and Tallulah Harlech. Isabelle Huppert and Claudia Cardinale also held court.


Uma Therman, Roberta Armani and Hilary Swank 

Tallulah Harlech, Mary Charteris and Amber Le Bon 

Mary Charteris, Isabelle Huppert

lsa Zylberstein, Clotilde Hesme

Claudia Cardinale, Mary Charteris along with Peter and Harry Brant