A Story That Knows No Frontiers

Text: Penny Karakasi

Tim Walker is one of the most exciting fashion photographers working today. Born in England in 1970, young Tim had early discovered his passion for photography and at the age of 25 he shot his first fashion story for Vogue.

Somerset House in London presented a major exhibition featuring his recent work drawn from world’s most important fashion magazines such as French, Italian and American Vogue, W and Vanity Fair.

Thames & Hudson decided to publish a book, to coincide with the exhibition “Tim Walker: Story Teller”. The book was released on the 8th October of 2012 and it contains over 175 images, collages and snapshots from Walker’s archive.


In Story Teller’s pages, some of the biggest names of contemporary culture and fashion pose for Tim Walker. Alber Elbaz wearing a giant pair of rabbit ears, Alexander McQueen with a skull, both smoking, Agyness Deyn in the sand dunes of Namibia and many others.

Fascinating fashion shootings with extraordinary props and farytale-like concepts, create a story written in a collectible book designed by Ruth Ansel, including comments and designs by Tim Walker himself.


When you are a fashion photographer everything is contrived from the start. Nothing is real so what you are trying to do in this fake world is to make a real moment happen, by installing genuineness into the artifice.

Tim Walker