Juergen Teller: Woo!

 The Institute of Contemporary Arts in London, welcomes one of the most important and in demand fashion photographers in the world, with an exhibition that has just started!

Text: Mary Giatra


Having successfully managed to keep the balance between the art and commercial world, Teller has become one of the most important artists of his generation. This exhibition, which is entirely dedicated to his work, presents Teller’s landmark fashion and commercial photography since the 1990s. The images of Lily Cole, Kurt Cobain and Vivienne Westwood are considered to be classics and along with some more recent landscapes and portraits, they will offer you a closer and more intimate look at the photographer’s vision.


His unique and provocative approach to the traditional relationship between artist and model and the way he collaborates with his subjects, have made his photography powerful and unique. Besides, Teller has formed his very own, instantly recognizable style throughout his career and it is really hard for the viewer not to be touched by his stories. He is after all, a very brave and humorous storyteller.


You are definitely going to London, aren’t ya?


The exhibition will last until March 17th.

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photos via Designboom