Text: Mary Giatra


It looks like we are having a very cinematic month. Read this week’s agenda and enjoy a very glamorous week with lots of movies, music and art.




The Michael Cacoyannis foundation has prepared a large tribute to the legendary Italian director, celebrating 100 years since his birth. The journey through Antonioni’s lens will take place there and Carlo di Carlo, who is a very important director, historian and movie critic, has curated the whole retrospective on Antonioni’s work. Visit the foundation and you will have the chance to watch the movies of one of the greatest artists of the 20th century.




Audio visual performances, creative installations and innovation in sound and the digital world will take place in this year’s Hertz music festival. On the 8th and 9th of February, this big adventure of musical expression will take the audience on a unique and captivating journey, directed by Thanasis Kaproulias. Visit the Athens Concert Hall for a very different musical experience.

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The Swiss photographer has lived and worked in Crete for the past three decades. The Benaki Museum organizes a big exhibition called “The Greek Series”, where the celebrated artist will show his photographic progress in his second homeland, Greece. More than 150 pictures, divided into seven chapters filled with tenderness and spontaneity, are the living proof of  the expression: “Home is where your heart is.”


The exhibition will last until March 17th.




The recent release of “My Bloody Valentine” has caused much excitement to the music world, as the band has just been reunited after 22 years. They uploaded their whole album, called “mbv” to their website, which promptly crashed as the bands faithful followers, along with some newcomers, wanted to listen to the new songs. We chose “She Found Now”, for its noisy guitars and the soft vocals.

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