MUSIC iD: Beach Fossils

Meet the indie rock band from Brooklyn.

Text: Yiota Dendrinou


Beach Fossils started just a few years ago, as the home-recorded work of the founding member Dustin Payseur. When he joined forces with the other three band members, they released their homonym first album and gained acclaimed recognition.

“I think I was 10 when I started recording on four-track tape-recorders. Over the years, I’ve recorded a bunch of albums by myself, as recording exercises. Pop music, folk music, electronic music, psychedelic music. I don’t know what I’d call this one; I guess it’s a blend of all of the above.” Dustin says.



Their sound is influenced by new wave, post-punk, free jazz and 1960s psychedelic tunes, certainly, inspired by their own taste in music. The result is dreamy melodies with strong emotionally lyrics that “are all very personal” as Payseur states. “Most of them are actual experiences”.

Undeniably, Payseur seems to be a very interesting personality, since he occupies himself in different activities. A patron of the arts, he practices poetry and writes down words, thoughts, feelings that may be an inspiration in the future. The most unexpected thing is that he studies Dadaism and at some point he considered to join a Taoist Monastery.



Payseur supports strongly his decision on making music and says “I never really had a backup plan, you know, so regardless, even if nobody cared I would definitely still be doing it.”



The group has already confirmed that on February 19th their second album Clash The Truth will be released and on 23rd they will hold a record release show at Bowery Ballroom in New York. Singles like Careless and In Vertigo gives us a taste from their upcoming album.


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