Architecture: Chanel and the Enchanted Forest

 An enchanted forest stood last week beneath the dome of the Grand Palais in Paris. The reason? Chanel’s Spring 2013 Couture show. The result? Pure, fairy tale magic.

Text: Mary Giatra


Karl Lagerfeld was dreaming of Weimar and German Romanticism. So he had a lush forest shipped into the beautiful Beaux-Arts structure tree by tree. When his guests arrived, they wandered through the melancholy of the woods until they found a neo-classical amphitheater standing in the middle of the room, adding extra drama to the environment.

A magical, parallel universe was created for the show to be hosted and the Nymphs of Chanel strolled through the dense forest while showcasing their delicate ensembles. Their dark feathered lashes and the foliage that fell from their tresses transformed them into creatures that inhabit the forest, half women half birds.

A melancholic mood filled up the air and the beauty of true Romanticism was unmistakable. All in all, it was the perfect architectural/naturalistic environment, for the fine, lavish haute couture creations of the legendary Fashion House.


Photos: Architizer