Fashion Seminars 2013: The 2nd Stage

Dear Fashion Lovers,

following the very successful 1st stage “Top Models: Success beyond beauty” of this year’s seminars, this Saturday February 2nd View Master 2013 continues with “Music and Cinema Fashion Icons”!

Women-idols with different personalities and multiple aesthetic approaches, contributed to the magic world of music and cinema, established a unique style and new ethics with their appearance on stage or the big screen.

Marlene Dietrich

Audrey Hepburn, Catherine Deneuve, Debbie Harry, Merlene Dietrich -to name a few- have created images that remain indelible and still affect designers, artists and audiences nowadays.

Catherine Deneuve

Who are those women, how have they affected the century and which is their influence until today?

This Saturday Fashion Workshop welcomes three special guest speakers: Music and Film Consultant Pantelis Goudis, actress Katerina Misichroni, Art Director John Sarlis & Director Akis Polyzos, who, together with Dada Ioannidou, Genevieve Manjari and Mia Kollia, professors at Fashion Workshop by Vicky Kaya, will introduce you into the world of eternal fashion icons of the music and film industry.

Audrey Hepburn

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