Rodrigo Otazu: From Argentina With Love

Text: Kelly Desypri


The Argentinian jewellery designer was, at first, spotted by a fashion editor of Vogue Australia and became a celebrity favorite in no time. With his bold, theatrical designs, he brings women one step closer to his fantasy world. He is a citizen of the world, having travelled all around and currently residing in Amsterdam, where his designs come to life through the hands of experienced craftsmen.

Rodrigo Otazu confesses to be easily impressed and inspired by almost anything. He creates while having in mind all kinds of women, from the effortless chic Parisian and the American girl-next-door, to the experimental and edgy London one. Through his designs, he makes them the center of attention, he gives them an audience! This is why so many celebrities, such as Madonna, Lady Gaga and the Sex and the City ladies vow to his name when it comes to spectacular appearances.
His creations made up of pewter dipped in silver, swarovski crystals in many cuts and colours, reveal a colourful personality but in fact he says “My work is loud and crazy but I am a very private person…Nobody knows me, I think. I’m just a guy from Argentina. So get to know me!”.

And, know him, we will.