Mawi Does Bruno Magli

Mawi collaborates with shoe designer Bruno Magli for Pre-Fall 2013 Collection

 Text: Sophia Karagianni


The Italian shoemaker, Bruno Magli and costume-bauble designer, Mawi, meet in the new capsule collection for Pre-Fall 2013. There is no doubt that they had something to offer to each other. Bruno Magli is a historic family-owned Italian brand, established in 1936, known for its timeless pumps with a more sophisticated style, while Mawi is an English jewel brand launched in 2002, famous for its retro-feeling and modern designs, at the same time.

Max Kibardin, the creative director of Bruno Magli, and Mawi

Compining their different visions, Bruno Magli and Mawi produced a collection consisting of shoes and accessories. The emblematic piece of Bruno Magli brand, the pump shoes, has been interpreted by Mawi with the contemporary chic style. Despite their different vision, they conclude in an ideal balance between classic and modern. “It was about infusing a good dose of lots of different things; the classic side, the chic side, the elegant side and the edgy side”, Max Kibardin, the creative director of Bruno Magli explained.

The 14-piece capsule collection includes shoes, clutches, earrings, necklaces and bracelets. The historic shoes come in a range of bright and vibrant colours, like fuchsia and teal, with animal prints and luxe fabrics made of pony hair and satin, and they are embellished with jewel details and gemstones.