A 40 year old, Contemporary Idea

In the city of New York, an old idea becomes a very modern act.

 Text: Mary Giatra


40 long years have passed since its original conception and the Four Freedoms, Franklin Roosevelt Memorial in New York, is finally open to public. The legendary, modernist architect Louis Kahn, draw the project’s first lines in 1973, just a few months before his death. As a result, the dramatic delay of the construction was inevitable.

It’s better late than never, they say and in this case the phrase couldn’t be more truthful. Especially when it comes to modern architecture, the timelessness of the design is a proven fact.  The new park is now a vital part of Lower Manhattan and a magical combination of green space and urban planning that has been praised by the critics from day one.

The success of the design is a living proof of Kahn’s genius and everyone who stayed true to the architect’s vision and helped throughout the realization process, should now feel glad. It is very emotional to watch the designs of a true legend come to life and hopefully, his spirit is still watching over us with contentment.