Text: Mary Giatra


Dear fashionistas,

This next week is going to be full of images. Cinematic images, urban and artistic. “The eye has to travel”, as Diana Vreeland used to say! Be open and start exploring!




Does the combination of Abraham Lincoln, Steven Spielberg and Daniel Day-Lewis lead to an Oscar? Possibly, is the answer. The “Lincoln” movie, which comes out in greek movie theaters today, narrates the former president’s of America struggle during the Civil War. A grand production which has already received a Golden Globe Award and you should not miss!



Nicos Kalogeropoulos, the Greek actor and director, takes us to a nostalgic trip throughout the 1970s and 1980’. In his photo exhibition that is being held at the Image Gallery, he shows 100 photos from his travels around Greece and New York. His Black&White images full of beauty, have both an amazing artistic and historical interest. From January 18th to February 3rd.




To all the Justin Timberlake fans out there!

After a lot of teasing, Mr. Timberlake published his new song on his website and promises that his next album, “The 20/20 Experience” is going to be amazing. It has been almost seven years since his last album and we are all looking forward to his next move!






Taschen, has just published a groundbreaking monograph on Gustav Klimt that will shed a whole new life to the artist’s work. After 150 years of his birth have passed and the value of the artist’s work is highly appreciated. During his lifetime, he managed to represent Modernism and at the same time he stayed true to tradition. No less than 179 letters, cards, writings and other documents written by the artist are included in this monograph and will give everybody the opportunity to get to know Gustav Klimt a little better.