Profile In Style: Yasmin Sewell

She is not just another fashion icon; she is one of the leaders in the fashion industry.

Text: Mariannie Samara


Yasmin Sewell is a 36-year-old London-based Australian fashion retail consultant. She owns an agency that offers advisory services to luxury brands, emerging designers and mass retailers. Sewell is an expert in trend analysis and forecasting, something that is proven by her accomplishments in the fashion industry.

When she moved to London, she opened her own London store called ‘Yasmin Cho’, which was soon characterised by The New York Times as one of the world’s most influential boutiques. Pierre Hardy and Rick Owens became widely known through ‘Yasmin Cho’. Another great achievement of Yasmin is the reinvention of the ‘Liberty’ store in London. She made it what it is today. Sewell is also the buying director of ‘Browns’ and she is the person who introduced the scandinavian brand Acne to the rest of Europe.

Apart from these, Yasmin today is a British Fashion Council advisor, British Fashion Awards judge and in January 2012, she received the acclaimed ‘Young Australian Achiever of the Year in the UK’ award.

‘It’s just a feeling! It’s probably just being aware of what’s going on, enough so that you’re not ignorant. But most of it is just intuitive. I think whenever I have acted purely on intuition, it’s paid off for me’, said Yasmin when she was asked how she knows the next big things in fashion.

Sewell loves midi and closs skirts, blazers, shirts, colourful patterns and eccentric pumps! Her biggest inspiration has been her grandmother, Tatie.

All in all, Yasmin knows the perfect way to combine the creativity of fashion with the commercial aspect of it.

Just adorable!