Do it like Marilyn!

Text: DirtyCurl


Marilyn has always been one of the most famous beauty icons. Many advertisers take inspiration from her figure and make up tricks. Numerous cosmetic brands have dedicated their collections to her.

From then until now, with Marilyn Monroe’s image as an endorsement, advertisers could sell almost anything.

These are her real beauty secrets:

– She used to apply a thin layers of Vaseline or Nivea all over her skin before foundation.

– Marilyn was a fan of Max Factor foundations, as they gave her an amazing sheen.

– She would line her eyes only with fluid eye liner.

– Marilyn washed her face with Shu Uemura cleansing oil and then she splashed her face 15 times with cold water to seal the pores.

– She took the “sleepy but sexy” eye make up idea from Greta Garbo.

– She wouldn’t fall asleep without a drop of Chanel No5 on.

– Among her favorite cosmetic brands are also the following: Erno Lazlo, Elizabeth Arden, Anita of Denmark, Guerlain and, what else, Chanel.

I admit that sometimes I have tried to adopt her iconic make up features such as the clean cut black liner, the heart shaped lips, even the beauty spot just above the lips! (There is a very funny story behind that.)

Marilyn always had her make-up done by Whitey Snyder, a true and dear friend through her entire life.