Top Fashion Bloggers: Fashion Upgraded

The most influential fashion blogs

During the last decade, fashion bloggers started to make their first appearance in the blogosphere. They just wanted to express their personal opinion over fashion, no matter what their job was, and they established a personal relation with their readers. Even though they kept a distance from the real fashion industry, the last few years, blogging is strictly connected to timelines and has become really influential. Big fashion houses realized their power, and fashion bloggers start appearing in the very first rows of the shows. In the meanwhile, they started gaining economic profit through big companies’ advertises.

Technorati, a top index of blogs, lists 5701 fashion blogs. However, I have chosen my top 4 international fashion bloggers, and the top 1 Greek fashion blog. Here is the list.

• Number 4: What I wore, by Jessica Quirk. Jessica’s husband is taking pictures of her, almost on a daily basis, and she analyses her outfit. She is unique, because of her style and she gives some affordable tips for all kinds of styles. ( 

• Number 3: Anna Dello Russo’s personal blog. Fashion, creation, humor and style, in only one page. You get to look every “j’adore” image- whether it is a photograph or an illustration- for a couple of minutes to check out all the details. She is a crazy fashion icon- and so is her blog. (

• Number 2: Emily’s Cupcakes and Cashmere. A page full of fashion, everyday life, recipes, and useful tips. Emily, the owner of the page, makes you feel like her best friend, as she gives you details of her personal life, in an every-day and accessible language. (

• Number 1: Scott Schuman- The Sartorialist. Rated top 1 influential fashion blog out of a 100 list, we could not rate him second. He has created a dialogue between fashion and everyday life, through street style photographs, but he has moved to fashion shows’ coverage as well. The unique about him: he creates a story with his photographs, and combines it with his small posts. (

• Top Greek fashion blog: Georgalas sisters’ Twinfashionblog. People say they are the Greek Olsen twins and the most influencial Greek fashion bloggers. They started with their own outfits, and now they are constantly invited in big fashion shows (such as Stella McCartney, Elie Saab). Also, they are often photographed by international street style photographers, fact that made them really popular. (

Evita Kaplani