Nail Trend: Ciaté Nail Company

Forget boring, dull nails! Our mani/pedi can now be beautifully enhanced thanks to “Ciaté” nail polishes!

Text: Maria Meintani


“Ciaté” is a British nail company which heads towards being a global phenomenon, thanks to its innovative ideas and treatments. The ambition of the company is “To be a leader, not a follower”, something that has managed to accomplish so far.
When I heard about the “Caviar manicure” for the first time, I felt really amazed and impressed by the idea. Nails trimmed with little pearls that look like caviar… Woohoo! So, imagine my excitement when I found out that Ciaté was about to launch two more beautiful nail kits, that would be able to give our nails either a velvety look or a sequinned one – lovely idea, isn’t it?

So, which one will you opt for?
Hard to choose? Oh tell me about it!

Find them all here!