ARCHITECTURE: The “Real” Downton Abbey

 The British period drama that has become an addiction, has so much more to offer than the gorgeous costumes and the compelling story line. The stately British mansion is the show’s star.

Text: Mary Giatra


Set in the World War I era, “Downton Abbey” narrates the lives of the aristocratic Crawley family at their Yorkshire country estate. The huge success of the series, has brought great attention to the beautiful Highclere Castle, the place where the magic happens.

The Drawing Room

The castle that plays the role of Downton Abbey, is a Victorian estate about an hour away from London and belongs to the Earl of Carnarvon since 1679, but it was renovated in the 19th century by Charles Barry, the architect of the well-known Houses of Parliament. It is in fact one of the most beautiful castles with an exquisite interior and gardens.

The Music Room

Large rooms, dramatic staircases, fine furniture, wallpapers and carpets are all there among paintings by Reynolds and Van Dyck. The vast library of the castle has well-hidden, leather-bound books and the legend says that even Napoleon has visited it.

The Saloon

During the past 334 years, the Highclere Castle has been there silently witnessing some of the world’s most important facts. Balls, dinners, parties, battles are all part of its long history that is now somehow being recreated in this fabulous show which has captured our hearts.

The Gallery

Watch Downton Abbey and become a part of an era of change, revolution and true romance but never forget about the castle, the only true star.

The Staff of the Castle (late Victorian)

The Red Stairs

 The Classic picture from “Downton Abbey”