Must Visit: “Le Chant du Minéral” Exhibition

Jean and Thierry Vendôme present their fabulous new jewelry line at Martel-Greiner gallery in Paris

Text: Maria Meintani

“Jewelry is art and I like the idea of being exhibited in a gallery of art”, said Thierry Vendôme and his wish did come true. He and his father Jean Vendôme, who is considered to be the father of contemporary jewelry, created an exclusive collection which is currently being presented at Martel-Greiner gallery. Their passion for gemstones is once again well-conveyed and even if you don’t like bold, statement jewels (asI do, for example), you are certainly going to fall in love with each piece of this line.

Couple ring by Jean Vendôme with yellow and white gold set with rock crystal, green tourmaline and diamonds

Amazonie necklace by Thierry Vendôme with white gold, oxidized silver, tourmalines, peridots and engraved antique jade

Archipel necklace by Jean Vendôme with white and yellow gold set with amethysts and baguette-cut diamonds.

The beautiful exotic colors of the jewels, their edgy construction which bears great resemblance to the art of sculpture and the precious materials that have been used (like quartz, emerald, amethyst and more), will have you going crazy over them. All pieces happen to have amazing names as well, like “Archipel” (rings any bells, Greeks?), “Amazonie”, “Pacifique”, “Tahiti” and “Bermudes”, offering us a mental trip to faraway exotic places.

Palais d’ Eté set by Thierry Vendôme with gold set with gold beads and yellow sapphires

Archipel necklace by Thierry Vendôme with yellow gold set with sapphires, diamonds and lapis lazuli

Cosmo pendant by Jean Vendôme with white gold, baroque, Japanese and Tahitian cultured pearls, brilliant and cognac-cut diamonds

Amazonie ring by Jean Vendôme with white gold, diopstase, emeralds and diamonds

The exhibition is already taking place and will be on until February 2.

Galerie Martel-Greiner, 71, boulevard Raspail, 75006 Paris
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