My new year Fashion resolutions!

I can’t help but love the new trends! I’ve never really focused entirely on what fashion commands, but YES, I do love the trends!

Every season, every year, new colors and textiles, new fabrics and cuts make their entrance! Of course there is always a wonderful circle that comes around in the fashion world!
Recycling the most unforgettable moments of fashion along with the most genius minds who made a difference in our times!
Fashion is not just what it appears to be… it’s a whole universe!
It has to do with music, literature, art, poetry, even with the simplest things that keep happening around us!
Let’s face it…we do look the part after all!

Starting the new year with the fresh summer trends,
photographed by our very own Workshopaholic Kelly Dimitriadi,
and styled by our graduate with great honors Elena Psalti!
I am so proud of you guys, always will be!

Photo: Kelly Dimitriadi & Bocca Liberta

Special thanks to Nicholas Georghiou



The total prints

Silk suit Isabel Marant, Luisa. Pumps Christian Louboutin.


The new tuxedo

Cropped tuxedo jacket, shorts and leather pumps Lanvin, Lanvin boutique


The cropped pants

Sequined top, brocade pants and leather pumps Louis Vuitton


Summer broaderies 

Cotton top and broaderie shorts Chloe, Luisa



Silk tunic and pants Givenchy, Luisa. Suede sandals Alaia.


The photoshoot team:

From left: Despina Isopoulou, Mirella Alexou, Markos Andriotis, Elena Psalti, Jenny Siriak, Vicky Kaya, Despina Kalogeraki, Kelly Dimitriadi.

Happy new fashionable year!