Hair trend: BRONDE

When the two ultimate hair colors meet!

Text: Maria Meintani

Step aside “Ombré”! A new technique is here to steal your thunder! “Bronde” is a new trend which gains more and more fans as time goes by, and is seen in the most stylish celebrities this season.

Being a mixture of brown and blonde, it actually looks very natural, just as if you were a brunette with some shiny blonde highlights. In order to achieve bronde hair, all you have to do is mix two different shades, depending on the contrast you’d like to have, down the whole length of the hair. If you need a brighter shade overall, you can add more blonde highlights but again, it depends on the contrast you aim to have at the end of the process. However, truth is that it’s quite a tricky hair color to make. Therefore, in case you are interested in bronde hair, I’d suggest that you have it dyed by a well experienced hairdresser.

Bronde is the perfect choice for women who are either afraid to turn totally blondes or brunettes and seek for a milder solution, or those whose skin tone does not allow them to do so.

Note: If you’d like your haircolor to be highlighted to the maximum, the keypoint is keeping hair in a good condition. Deep cleansing, hydration and protection from heat are essential for that.

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