Mr. F_MAN: Tattoos and beards

A weekly column dedicated to men. Everything you need to know about menswear, male models and street style.

 Text: Pavlos Satsidis

     Ladies and gentlemen, Mr. F_Man is here! If you are wondering what ‘F’ means, I can assure that the capital ‘F’ stands for Fine, Flawless, Fierce and Fashionable men all over the world, whose passion is Fashion.

A new trend for men has come along over the past years and I’m sure you’ve noticed it during fashion weeks and fashion editorials. Tattoos and beards. Fashion industry has always been looking for extreme trends. Tattoos and beards definitely fulfill that purpose. Mr. F_Man introduces you a few models whose career depends on their extravagant tattoos and their extended beards.


Jimmy Q



Daniel Bamdad


Mateo Verdelho


Ricki Hall

Ricki Hall and Daniel Bamdad 


P.S. Mr. F_Man’s message to all women out there: They’ve got beards and they’ve got tattoos and I can tell you that this means trouble. A wild daring trouble.