M.E in the City

First stroll of 2013! Enjoy…

Text: Marina Zamzara, Eleni Fotopoulou

Christmas holidays are almost gone and what is left behind is a new promising year, ready to mess our lives! M.E in the City decided to start the first stroll of the year with what loves the most: fashion!

If you are t-shirt maniacs and love to match them with different style of clothes, then you should definitely visit the boutique and stores below, in order to get some stylish ideas and satisfy your-fashionable-self!



Armadillo is one of the most famous Greek brands with a long and successful history. Among its collection you will find many T-shirt designs. One of them will be waiting for you, swinging in their hanger, staring at you with the eyes of the sweetest, youngest child, crying out for a hug! And if the place is quiet enough, you might hear a little shivering voice calling to you…”buy me!”

Armadillo, Chalandri, 210 6831206 & Holargos, 210 6529915



La Queen is an established high street fashion shop, for young, fashion conscious women who enjoy keeping up to date with the latest trends. All womenswear is designed to a high specification using quality sourced fabrics. LaQueen’s collections are mostly consisted of glamorous dresses in beautiful prints and colors.

LaQueen, Kassaveti 19 Kifissia – Athens Greece, Tel: 2108012798


Exclusive Boutique Portret

During the last week we also had the opportunity to visit one of our favorite boutiques, the Portret. We enjoyed so much the process of picking and matching different style of clothes!  Ok, we have to confess that when we wore a tulle skirt with a Chanel and a Dior t-shirt we felt like Sex & the city girls.


Portret, Agias Paraskevis-14,Chalandri Athens-Greece


At the end of the week, a drink was absolutely necessary to welcome the brand new 2013!


The Cotton Club…

Came to “disrupt” the Athenian nightlife! It is a unique venue that combines food and drink with the spectacle of high standards. Directly influenced by the burlesque style, Cotton Club, pretty affordable, recommends another way of entertainment. In three words it is attractive, warm and atmospheric!

The Cotton Club, Syggrou Av. 237, 211 4045254