As “hat”, as it gets…

«If you want to differ, just take the rabbit out of your hat and wear it, this winter obliges hats to complete your look or make you stand out»

Text: Lina Staikou

We have seen these wonderful accessories all around the runways for this winter and it is no longer just a practical way to keep our heads warm. With all of our honesty, we are overjoyed to see hats again, since we are not able to afford a total new look in terms of clothing, for sure we can wear a hat and get styled away!

To begin with, the first multi seen hat trend is the fur hats. Genuine or fake, colourful or not, in different sizes, shades and tones, our look can be enriched and we may walk outside with protection and eternal style.

Marc Jacobs gives his unique characteristic with over the top hats for those who feel no fear in accessorizing, yet Temperley London’s collection presented smaller and more graceful Russian inspired fur hats.

Moreover, once again Wild West gives the inspiration and cowboy hats are splurging the catwalks. Our opinion is to style them without boots or the total cowboy look, but with just a pair of leather gloves, plus the attitude of a powerful woman.

Of course hat story would not exist without a touch of the 1920’s, since cloche hats are significant part of a female appearance. Our era lacks of “fashion stones” to provide sophistication and femininity, so with pleasure we shall present the cloche hats to enhance a simple dress and make us feel just a little bit of Scarlett O’Hara.

The variety meets no end, with top-hats, gaucho-hats, fedora-hats and more, hence we only dreamed to set the buzz and alarm you to wear them depending on your own personal style. We have already fallen for them and a white fur Dior new-look style hat is waiting for me in my closet.

Ta- taa for now my friends…