Ralph Lauren goes London

American fashion designer Ralph Lauren is creating a line for the U.S. Olympic Team to wear for the London 2012 Summer Games. The legendary designer, who designs the U.S. Olympic Team’s uniforms for the third time, unveiled the outfits for the closing ceremony.

The women’s team will wear white shirt dresses with white booties, while the men’s team white shirts paired with white slacks. Both uniforms will be accessorized with white newsboy caps and red, white, and blue belts.

The villagewear, as you can see above, is more casual: blue and white in mini skirts and mens shorts.

He succeeded in remaining loyal to his style, as the lines he created for the 2008 Summer Olympics in Beijing and the 2010 Vancouver Winter Games also had newsboy caps for both women and men. Only this time, the ladies will be in dresses instead of trousers and men will be more casual, without blazers.

For those who are interested, designer Stella McCartney designs for Great Britain’s team and Giorgio Armani for Team Italy.

Christina Roussou