Welcome 2013!

Ok I admit! I am super happy 2012 is history, but still, I appreciate every lesson learned!
It was a truly hard and difficult year for all of us…in many different ways.
Of course I count my blessings everyday but a new reality stormed into our lives overnight and we just had to deal with it!
Come to think of it, I am almost convinced that there is really a good reason for all that!
Reevaluate, restart, generate, create, progress, invent, move fast, steady and above all BELIEVE… and the universe will then hear you!
Rising through the ashes is a definition of strength and courage, hard work and passion will be your guarantee for life!
So lets do it!!! Lets all make our personal evaluations and New year resolutions! Dreams do come true, miracles do happen…as long as you go for it!

Welcoming 2013, with a gorgeous January cover story of Votre Beaute magazine!

I just love it!

Hope you like it too!!

Stay tuned for my New year resolution next Wednesday!


Photos: Thanassis Krikis

Styling: Nicholas Georghiou
Make up: Stellar
Hair: Stefanos Vassilakis
Assistants: Elena Papastavrou, Elena Psalti (Fashion Workshop graduates)

Happy new 2013, full of life, energy and passion!


See here backstage photos from the shooting!