New Year’s Eve Sparkling Make-Up!

There’s a quote saying “Some girls are just born with glitter in their veins”. If not, you can absolutely fake it. 

Text: Maria Meintani

Women love shiny stuff, period. A glittery make up might not be an everyday “do” but hey, it’s the post-Christmas period that we are currently rushing and a whole new year is about to come, so feel free to add some shine to your pretty little faces.
Here are some useful tips for you!

1. A liquid foundation with hydrating ingredients is essential in order to make your skin glow, while having great coverage as well. The silky texture of Giorgio Armani’s “Luminous Silk Foundation” will keep your face hydrated and well-covered all night long.

2. Choose a sparkling, glittery eye-shadow in order to make your eyes look fairytale-like. Giorgio Armani Eyes to Kill Intense Eyeshadow No24 and Chanel’s Illusion D’Ombre in 817 Apparence shade from the Holiday make-up 2012 collection will give that extra little something and draw everyone’s attention to your radiant eye make-up.

3. Another thing that will make your eyes pop out in a very show-stopping way is Lancome’s Hypnôse Star Mascara. The dual-sided brush will curl your lashes and also give them great volume while the “Black Diamond” shade will really make them sparkle!

4. Another essential tool is the highlighter. Cheekbones, browbones, the sides of your nose and the area around your lips will get rid of any shadows or fine lines with the aid of Yves Saint Laurent’s Touche Éclat Complexion Highlighter. Use a small amount of that liquid treasure and allow your skin to look instantly lifted and flashy, as if you had slept for 16  straight hours.

5. The finishing touch to this make-up could be no other than the lipstick. An intense red shade is the perfect choice for this festive look. Lancôme’s “L’absolu Rouge Lipstick will keep your lips moisturised and bright, ready to be kissed under the mistletoe!

Extra tip: If you like false eyelashes in general, these ones are going to get you deeply in love. The “Grand ball” false eyelashes by Dior are a real must have for New Year’s Eve. Even if you decide to go quiet with the rest of your make-up, these lashes will add a perfect, glamorous touch to your look. Choose between the ones with the subtle silver pearl drops or the soft gold Swarovski crystal. Or just take both.

Have a nice New Year’s Eve everybody!